Zach Snyder likes Avengers, but he wants other films to be accepted by fans.

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Zach Snyder likes Avengers, but he wants other movies to be accepted by fans | Kanobu - Image 1

During a recent question and answer session with fans, Zack Snyder spoke a few kind words about The Avengers. This is somewhat surprising, given that his films on DC comics are radically different from the works of Marvel Studios.

The director admitted that he really likes The Avengers. However, he would be happy if fans took a different approach to superheroic.

I watch all the "Avengers", I really like them. You do not need to not enjoy them, but you should also be, let's say, more open to other things.

Considering how Batman vs. Superman was accepted, there is a bit of resentment in this phrase.

Also recently, Snyder called his favorite movie about Spider-Man.

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