YouTube has removed the videos of Yuri Dudya and Leonid Parfenov. That's why

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YouTube has removed the videos of Yuri Dudy and Leonid Parfenov. That's why | Kanobu - Image 1

The videos of journalists Yury Dudy and Leonid Parfenov disappeared from YouTube. The first one had a “vud” blog release with the former resident of the Comedy Club Tair Mammadov, and the second had the first episode of restarting the “Named” about the 1946 USSR.

Now during the transition to videos there is a message that the content was deleted due to violations of the terms of use.

We asked for a comment from Ilya Ovcharenko, producer of the Parthenon and Wylsacom. He argues that the case in the new rules of the platform – inside the clips are now required to stand a tick about the presence of integrated advertising. Movies will be back soon.

And recently, the director Sarik Andreasyan decided to beg for Yuri Dudiu in the program. Did not work.

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