Yandex has tested DPI, the technology of "sovereign RuNet". It was terrible

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Yandex has tested DPI, the technology of "sovereign RuNet". It was awful | Kanobu - Image 1

Today, April 16, the State Duma adopted the law on sovereign runet. Yandex believes that the proposed is unrealizable, and in the case of attempted implementation, all will have big problems.

The bill involves the widespread use of systems for deep filtering traffic – DPI. By coincidence, Yandex has recently experienced that this promises. Andrei Sokolov, Director of Network Infrastructure Development, spoke about this incident.

A couple of weeks ago, some “teachings” unwittingly occurred when, for reasons related to the blocking of Roskomnadzor, traffic went through the existing DPI operators. After that, most services collapsed, users experienced wild difficulties, and, accordingly, what it is – to pass traffic through DPI – we have already experienced the hard way.

Sokolov considers the bill unrealizable.

From the context of the law, it is clear that these means of dealing with external threats are nothing more than DPI systems, through which it is planned to pass all traffic. Accordingly, with the current traffic volumes of such DPIs, there is no such thing in the world, and it is not even being developed, that could support such a mode without significant losses for services.

By the way, today is a year since Roskomnadzor began to block Telegram. The head of the RKN, Alexander Zharov, summed up this year as follows:

We still determine the IP addresses on which the Telegram exists. Block them. Periodically, you probably see on your smartphone that it loads more slowly.

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