World of Warcraft fans planted for child abuse

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World of Warcraft fans planted for child abuse | Kanobu - Image 1

Unemployed Louis and Petru Huffmeyr, who live in a trailer in southern California, will be imprisoned for cruel treatment of their daughters. While the spouses were playing World of Warcraft for days, their children did not go to school and sat at home forcibly. This is the website of the Texas TV station ABC 13.

About the problems in the family Huffmyra became known thanks to the neighbors: they called the police. The couple did not follow the shelter: the kitchen was covered with mold and cobwebs, feces were lying in the rooms, and under a teddy bear lay a pile of used condoms. Investigators found out that the Huffmares have lived like this for at least three years since May 2010. All this time they were playing World of Warcraft, they didn’t work anywhere and didn’t follow their little daughters: there were crusts of dirt on their feet, their hair was tangled, and their teeth were completely rotted.

Husband and wife were accused of two cases of child abuse and another three counts. Louis will go to prison for three years, Petra for three years and four months.

Huffmeyry are not the only parents who love video games more than children. In April 2014, the police of the South Korean city of Daegu (detained) (https://kanobu.ru/news/dvuhletnij-korejskij-malchik-umer-bez-prismotra-ottsa-igroka–371961 22) of a 22-year-old man by the name of Chun. He raised a two-year-old son, but he disappeared for days on end in an Internet cafe. One day, after returning home, Chun found the child dead. For nearly a month the Korean kept the corpse, and then put it in the garbage bag and threw it away. A few days later, 24-year-old Cody Wygant from Omosassa in Florida admitted to the police that he had strangled his one-year-old son in order to quietly play the Xbox. In China, there were at least two cases in which parents sold children in order to earn money from games.

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