When mom took the girl’s smartphone, she decided to tweet using the refrigerator and consoles!

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Have your parents ever taken a smartphone or Internet access? That's what happened with the 15-year-old girl Dorothy, but she found a way out and began to tweet using consoles and even a refrigerator!

She told New York Magazine that it all started when she set fire to a stove while cooking rice, as she was distracted by a YouTube video. Her mom got angry and picked up the phone. The girl was very upset, because the summer was very boring, and Twitter helped to brighten up the time.

And then Dorothy found a way out using Nintendo 3DS. The console has a built-in browser. The funny thing is that the #ACNL hashtag, which stands for Animal Crossing: New Leaf, was automatically added to each tweet with 3DS. So she decided to say goodbye to everyone.

I'm leaving forever. Mom took my phone. I will miss you all. I'm crying. Farewell.

On Twitter, you can now safely see from which device the tweet was sent. This is what attracted the attention of users.

When mom took the girl’s smartphone, she decided to tweet using the refrigerator and consoles! | Kanobu - Image 1

The reaction was hysterical.

But this is only the beginning of the story. Dorothy's mom discovered her daughter's 3DS with an open Twitter account and got angry even more. She used a smartphone and uploaded a photo of the console to her daughter’s account, as well as a promise to delete the account.

I saw Dorothy go to Twitter on her Nintendo. From this moment, this account is closed.

Then Dorothy used an even more unusual method – Minecraft screenshots from WiiU, sent to Twitter. So she said that now she has neither a portable console nor a smartphone.

The girl also said that she would try to find her phone while her mother was at work.

Apparently, the venture was unsuccessful, as one of the following tweets was sent from a smart LG refrigerator.

I don’t know if this will go, I’m now near my refrigerator, what the hell, my mother took all the electronics again.

And after the refrigerator, Twitter users were not able to completely.

Dorothy was supported even by famous brands.

Perhaps this is all just a cunning advertising campaign of the same LG refrigerators. But it turned out at least funny.

Have your parents ever taken away access to your favorite social network? Tell us in the comments!

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