What do the American Pie heroes look like twenty years later

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What do the American Pie heroes look like twenty years later | Kanobu - Image 1

Entertainment Tonigh has a brief interview with the heroes of the film American Pie. The journalists did it for a reason – the fact is that the original film was released on July 7, 1999, and now the tape is celebrating its anniversary.

Guests of the interview were the actors who played it in the first film. These are Jason Biggs (Jim Levinstein), Tara Reed (Vicky), Chris Klein (Oz), Allison Hannigan (Michel Flaerty), Natasha Lyonne (Jessica), Eddie Kay Thomas (Paul Finch), and Sean William Scott (Steve Stifler).

The film, released in 1999, was very successful – with a budget of $ 11 million, the authors collected 235 million and were able to launch a whole franchise. For Pie, they have released three continuation films as well as four spin-offs.

It all ended with the film “American Pie: Everything in the Collection”, which was released in 2012, and collected 234 million dollars in the box office – that is, less than the very first film of the series. And this is despite the fact that his budget was five times higher.

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