Tormund from "Game of Thrones" commented on that moment with Brienna from series 4 of season 8

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Tormund from Game of Thrones commented on that moment with Brienna from series 4 of season 8 | Kanobu - Image 1

Norwegian actor Christopher Hywie spoke to the Vulture, where he commented on the romantic mood of his character regarding Brienna Tarta. And specifically that scene from the 4th series of the 8th season.

Be careful, spoilers ahead!

In the story, Tormund is trying to roll up to Brienne during the celebration of the victory, but she leaves under the pretext that she needs to go out. Wild is trying to go after her, but Jaime stops him with an obvious hint that Tormund has nothing to catch here. After that, the bully very cute cry about this dog.

Christopher's words:

She never sympathized with him. And Brienne and Jaime have a long history of relationships. So in a sense, I can understand it. But all those tears at the end of the episode could have been avoided if you went with the guy who loves you the most!

I have always considered Tormund's love sincere. Yes, he is in love, no doubt. They scoffed at Brienna all her life, because she is tall, because she is a warrior, just different. And I did not want these feelings to show irony. For Tormund, she is perfect because a woman in the North must be a warrior. It is an honor to be tall, strong and able to handle weapons. It was a funny moment, but Tormund's love has always been fair.

An earlier episode with Jaime was commented on by Gwendolyn Christie, who plays Brienne.

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