“The film makes you think about life and death” – as critics greeted “To the Stars” by James Gray

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At the Venice Film Festival, the premiere of "To the Stars" by James Gray took place. And many journalists were delighted with the film. They especially liked the way Brad Pitt played in it.

On Metacritic, the average score from critics is 86 out of 100, and on Rotten Tomatoes, 91.

GamesRadar – 100/100 points:

This is a sublime and amazing picture. She is beautiful and courageous. This is a masterpiece of James Gray, in the center of which is Brad Pitt.

ScreenDaily – 90/100 points:

Despite the fact that basically “To the Stars” the film is meditative, there are a number of episodes with excellent suspense that make you think about life and death.

ThePlaylist – 83/100 points:

Muffling fears of the unknown and who we really are, Gray creates an exciting film that has turned out to be very personal and suggestive.

Variety – 70/100 points:

Watching "To the Stars", you might think that you signed up for an extraterrestrial trip. But it turns out that the dark problems that the film raises are tied to the Earth.

The Hollywood Reporter – 70/100 points:

The beautiful scriptwriter James Gray is full of vibrant events and deliberately hopeless. And she feels a little awkward between absolute simplicity and hard jumps at hyperspeed.

The premiere of "To the Stars" in Russia will be held on September 26.

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