The clip of Timati and Guf has a huge number of dislikes. Already a million!

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On September 7, Timati and Guf released the video "Moscow". It became remarkable that it collected a lot of negative comments and dislikes.

At the time of writing, the ratio of likes to dislikes is 53 thousand to 697 thousand. The Life of YouTube resource writes that this is a record in the Russian segment.

Why is there so much hat? The point is politics. The video was released on Moscow Day, it mentions Mayor Sobyanin, but the most important thing is that the song about how everything is fine in Moscow appears after a summer series of rallies, detentions and trials. Timati even says: "I don’t go to rallies and I do not rub game."

Updated: even the authors of the clip were suspected of using stock videos.

Updated 2: the clip scored a million fingers down and hit the world top 50 most disliked videos.

If you believe Life on YouTube, then the rapper Face kept the last record for dislikes with the video “I Drop the West” – 674 thousand.

Better watch the new Coins clip. She becomes Mario there.

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