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"Islamic State" recruits recruits using video games

Radicals from the "Islamic State" use famous video games to attract new supporters. This is stated in a note on

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On VK Fest 5, there will be video games – we tell the gamers what to do at the fest

VK Fest is a celebration of modern entertainment (just like “Canobu”), so besides music, bloggers, lecture halls, food and other

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Viral video: Keanu Reeves stops a robbery. The catch is that there is no actor in the video!

The network has recently become a viral video in which Keanu Reeves allegedly stops the robbery. The catch is that

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Viral video: The US Coast Guard is boarding a submarine of the drug cartel. Just like in an action movie!

US Coast Guard published on Twitter video, in which law enforcement officers detained a gang of smugglers, carrying on the

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Dima Bilan terrorizes a woman in the clip “About white roses”. Surprisingly, the video is really cool!

Dima Bilan released a new video “About White Roses”, in which he played the role of a ghost haunting a

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In the video about working at Google, there was a place for the word govno. And it is also the most innocuous!

Google released a motivating video that inspires employment at the company, but strange words have somehow leaked into it. Specifically,

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In the new video BadComedian summed up the results of their trials with Kinodanz

In his new video, Evgeny BadComedian Bazhenov summed up the conflict with the film company Kinodanz. For his future reviews

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Maddison dedicated his video to SAMP RP server about Russia. Madness and schoolchildren there is enough

Ilya Maddison released another video that he dedicated to one unusual SAMP RP server (this is a multiplayer mod for

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Nickelodeon launched the production of the cartoon on the extremely viral video Baby Shark

Channel Nickelodeon began work on the animated series on a very viral video Baby Shark. The latter at the time

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Yutuber makes realistic deepfake video. In one of them, he shows how the Joker got scars

The Youtube channel Ctrl Shift Face appeared in 2017, but started uploading videos only a couple of weeks ago. Its