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Twitch banned the artist for "too" explicit drawing

Korean artist Saejin received a three-day ban on Twitch for one of her drawings. That's just the kind she draws

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Korean models streamed in swimsuits. Twitch banned them

On August 18, Twitch banned four Korean models that broadcast for several hours in the Just Chatting section. The girls

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Ninja criticized Twitch after promoting porn on his channel

After Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, the most popular streamer in the world, went to the Mixer platform, something incomprehensible began to

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The new Twitch stars are … chickens, goats and bees ?!

On the Twitch streaming platform, unusual broadcasts about animals are gaining popularity. People observe the life of goats, chickens, bees

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Anomaly streamer received a ban on Twitch for Hitler's skin in Minecraft

Popular Swedish streamer Ludwig Lagerstedt, also known as Anomaly, received a 30-day ban on Twitch due to the fact that

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On Twitch will be SlutStream. All for the sake of the fight against sexism

July 30 on the twitch will be "whore" (this is not our notion, it is officially called SlutStream). Its organizer

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Why girls are not punished as men? Twitch accused of double standards after clips with a cat

Alinity divine Girls streamers Jenna and Casey "Kaceytron" Kavines pounced on Twitch after the platform did not punish Alinity Divine

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Twitch sued the trolls who flooded the section on Artifact with porn videos and anime

Twitch filed a lawsuit against users who in May downloaded porn, memes, anime, and others into the Artifact: The Dota

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Dr Disrespect was banned on Twitch because he streamlined toilets on E3 2019

The channel Dis Drpect, a popular streamer, disappeared from the channel. This happened after he began to stream in the

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Maddison returned the channel on Twitch. Shot on stream recognized unreal

In the public Ilya Maddison there was a message about the unban on twitch. It states that the administration of