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The best fan trailer of “Final” came out – with dancing Thanos, which will haunt in nightmares

On the YouTube channel Aldo Jones released a reworked trailer for Avengers: Final. Inside – a parody of the "Aladdin",

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It turns out that the Rousseau brothers did not know about the meme about Thanos and the Ant Man!

Before the premiere of Avengers: The Final, a meme-theory spread on the Internet about how superheroes defeat the villain Thanos

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In the new TV-movie "The Avengers: Finale" Thanos sneers at superheroes

Another small TV spot of the upcoming superhero blockbuster Avengers: Final appeared on the Internet, in which Marvel showed a

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Toy maker unveiled costumes of Thanos and Iron Man in "The Avengers: Final"

Hot Toys, a well-known toy maker, has published photos of Iron Man and Thanos figures in new costumes from the

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In anticipation of the "Avengers: Final" the Internet is torn from jokes about how the Ant will defeat Thanos

The theory that the Ant-Man will defeat Thanos, having climbed into his anus and having increased, appeared immediately after the

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Fans of the Avengers: The Finals created a petition to make Ant-Man “really tear up” Thanos

Avengers: Finals fans want jokes about Ant-Man and Thanos to stop being just jokes. Someone even organized a special petition.

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Josh Brolin is aware of a meme about Thanos and Ant-Man. And he has a solution

Before the premiere of "The Avengers: The Finale" on the Internet, they again recalled the meme about the victory of