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The villain from Thor 2 is not a fan of the picture at all, but is ready to star in Marvel again under one condition

The villain from Thor 2 is not a fan of the picture at all, but is ready to star in

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The Supernatural star will become the new Chuck Norris in a reboot of Cool Cool Walker

Deadline reports that Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester from “Supernatural”) will play in the reboot of the 90s series “Cool Walker”.

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In social networks, the Gradient application is gaining popularity. It will show which star you look like

Gradient is gaining popularity on the Internet and social networks at a frantic speed. Based on the work of neural

What would Star Wars look like with Will Smith as Mace Windu?

Ever wonder how Will Smith would look in Star Wars? The Sham00K youtuber comes to the rescue. Using neural networks,

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The Star Wars comic prequel revealed how Snowk coached Kylo Ren

On September 11, a comic strip with the long title Star Wars: Age Of Resistance was released. Supreme Leader Snoke,

Poles want to name a planet and a star in honor of Geralt with Ciri

The International Astronomical Union is holding a contest – for each country they have allocated a planet with a star

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Peter Gapaldi, star of Doctor Who, will play in James Gann's Suicide Squad

The cast of "Suicide Squad" by James Gunn continues to replenish with stars. Deadline reported that Peter Capaldi will also

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Greta Gerwig will star in How I Met Your Dad

Independent movie star Greta Gerwig ("Sweet Frances") will play a major role in the spin-off of the comedy series "How

The Clone Wars TV

Netflix Revives Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series

The Netflix online video library has ordered the sixth and final season of the animated series Star Wars: The Clone

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The actor of the Moscow theater wanted to become a TikTok star, and received arrest for eight days

Actor of the Moscow theater "Sovremennik" Dmitry Smolev wanted to become the star of the popular social network TikTok, for