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Marvel decided not to bathe and showed almost all film spoilers in the new Final movie

Remember how the brothers Rousseau announced that from May 6 it will be possible to easily spoil the "Avengers: Final"?

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The artist showed Dumsday's early concept for Batman vs. Superman. Looks like a comic book.

The artist Jerad Marantz published in his instagram Dumsday's early concepts for Zack Snyder’s “Batman vs. Superman” movie. In the

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Media: CinemaCon showed scenes from Sonic. The film was clearly made for young children.

At a recent event, CinemaCon showed new scenes of the film about Sonic, and IGN re-told them. According to the

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Mark Zuckerberg showed an updated Facebook: fresh design and simplified navigation

At the annual F8 2019 Developer Conference, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg presented an updated version of his eponymous social network.

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CinemaCon showed two scenes from Avengers: Final. That's what was there

Disney showed two scenes from Avengers: The Finals at the ComicCon event. The IGN edition was there and retold their

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The art director of God of War showed how Wolverine could look like in the Marvel Cinema Universe. Very cool!

With most Fox moving to Disney, movie-comic fans are waiting for X-Men to appear in Marvel films. The artist and

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"Re: Zero – life from scratch in another world" extended to the second season. In the trailer showed a mountain of corpses!

White Fox announced that the series Re: Zero Hyōketsu no Kizuna, known in Russia as “Living from scratch in another

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Logan Paul showed a trailer for the theory of flat Earth. There are questions to him

Blogger Logan Paul, known for at least an episode with the “forest of suicides”, posted on his channel a trailer

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Games, Shows and Subscriptions – what Apple showed at the presentation

Games, Shows and Subscriptions – what Apple showed at the presentation

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The authors of "Hellboy" showed a scene from a movie with Milla Jovovich and David Harbor

Lionsgate presented a small excerpt from the upcoming restart of Hellboy in which the Blood Queen played by Milla Jovovich