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The Russian Internet is boiling because of the advertising of Vizit condoms. What this scandal looks like from the company

The Russian Internet is discussing SMM solutions of the Vizit condom brand with might and main. Where does a joke

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BadComedian will hold the Russian equivalent of "Oscar" (or "Golden Raspberry") – "Mikhaloshor"

Yevgeny BadComedian Bazhenov teased the fans with a teaser of "Mikhaloskor" a little. Next year we will see the awards

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BadComedian smashed the Russian film "Billion", because of which suffered the "Avengers: Final"

Evgeny BadComedian Bazhenov released a double review on the films "Billion" and "Grandma of Easy Conduct 2". This is the

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Main cutie E3 2019 Ikumi Nakamura spoke in Russian and thanked everyone for the "Cyrillic"

The main star of E3 2019 Ikumi Nakamura joined the trend “my Instagram was flooded with Russian comments”. She introduced

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The program "Fort Boyard" will return to Russian TV. Now she will be led by Sergey Shnurov!

Today it became known that the Russian version of the adventure television program "Fort Boyard" after almost six years, will

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What would the screensaver of the Russian “Simpsons” look like? Very depressed

On YouTube-channel Lazy Square rethinking saver out of the "Simpsons". The main idea is that if the action of the

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“Mysterious trawls” – what Russian “Very strange affairs” would be like

A video called “Stranger Things Retake in Russia” was released on Syunduk’s YouTube channel. Do not worry, this is not

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MP of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation demands to check the legality of state support of the studio that sued BadComedian

Valery Rashkin, a deputy of the State Duma from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, against the background of

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Very funny video: Americans learned Russian 60 years ago

College of William and Mary, the second oldest (after Harvard) University in the United States, several years ago published many

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Be careful with expressions! What Russian words seem unpleasant to Americans

The online magazine Skyeng has released a small selection of Russian words that should not be pronounced with English-speaking people