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Ikumi Nakamura received a skull from Russia, almost like that of Hideo Kojima. Only he is broken!

GhostWire Creative Director: Tokyo Ikumi Nakamura tweeted in broken Russian that she received a parcel from Russia, which turned out

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Shawarma or shawarma ?! Yandex found out what the main dish of street cuisine is called in Russia

Yandex conducted a new study to find out where in Russia they like shawarma more, and where – shawarma. The

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AliExpress near the house: in Russia will open 30 retail outlets of the Chinese company

The popular Chinese trading platform AliExpress officially opens retail outlets in Russia. The Chinese are cooperating with the Tele2 operator,

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Buzova and Ivleeva – the most expensive Insta bloggers in Russia

The Instagram market in Russia is growing rapidly. And it is noticeable at least in demand from advertisers. Just a

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Rammstein guitarists kissed at a concert in Moscow. Milonov already wants to ban a group in Russia!

July 29, Rammstein gave a concert at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, gathering about 100,000 fans. And right on the

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Import Substitution: Russia has compiled a list of alternatives to popular foreign applications

In connection with the preparation of the law on the installation of domestic analogs of popular applications on all foreign

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Is McDonald's cooler in Russia than in the USA? Business Insider thinks yes!

Business Insider correspondent Katie Warren visited McDonald’s in Moscow and was surprised at how much superior it was to her

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Habib Nurmagomedov beat Olga Buzova and became the most successful star of Russia up to 40 years

Forbes magazine named the most successful stars of show business and sports in Russia at the age of 40 years.

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Shazam named the most popular songs in Russia for search queries. Guess who comes first?

The application for searching unfamiliar songs Shazam published a list of ten tracks that Russian users searched most often from

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In Russia, increased interest in porn with aliens! All because of the assault on Zone 51

In the last week, everyone is talking about the upcoming assault on Site 51 in a narutokov way. Pornhub decided