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Rumor: Marvel Studios launched the production of a film about the space superhero Nova

There is a rumor that Marvel Studios is already engaged in a solo film about the superhero Nova. Information shared

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Rumor: Samsung Galaxy Note10 will be released in two versions: a mini version will be added to the standard one

According to the Korean edition of The Bell, citing sources among Samsung suppliers, the Korean giant will release not one,

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Rumor: Nintendo is working on a gaming smartphone

According to the profile of the Chinese portal MyDrivers, citing Taiwanese sources, Nintendo is preparing a gaming smartphone for the

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Rumor: Marvel and Xiaomi Redmi will release a superhero smartphone for the premiere of "The Avengers: The Final"

Marvel Company and the Redmi brand (Xiaomi budget branch) announced an official partnership within the framework of the release of

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Rumor: Xbox Scarlett and the PlayStation 5 will not be released until 2020. Manufacturers want to overtake Stadia

In one of the branches of the ResetEra forum, Kotaku editor Jason Schraer said that the release of next-generation consoles

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Rumor: From Software hired George Martin to work on the new game. Madness!

On YouTube channel Spawn Wave video was released on future games From Software. A rumor sounded in it, so unbelievable

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Rumor: iPhone mini is the new name of iPhone SE 2

The profile edition Igeekphone has published a pack of new rumors about the unannounced iPhone SE 2 smartphone. Judging by

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Rumor: PlayStation 5 controller photos appeared online

The user of Reddit noticed that a couple of photos appeared on the Internet, which presumably depicts a controller for