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Jace Gunn announced the composition of the "Suicide Squad": from the popular wrestler to "Doctor Who"

James Gunn tweeted an image where introduced the cast of the new Suicide Squad. And some names really inspire. Among

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The popular anime "Climbing the Shield Hero" extended for 2 and 3 seasons

The acclaimed isekai-anime "Ascent of the Shield Hero" will be continued. Two new seasons are in production right away. This

Khabib Nurmagomedov overtook Olga Buzova and became the most popular Russian on Instagram

At the UFC 242 tournament, Khabib Nurmagomedov won the battle with the American Dustin Porrier. This victory brought the famous

5 most popular social networks among Russians. "My world" flew out of the first five

The analytical company Mediascope presented a list of the five most popular social networks in Russia for the first half

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A popular app is trying to figure out what celebrity you look like. And very funny breaks off!

Whats Celebrity Do You Look Like application has been violated in social networks. It is trying to find a celebrity

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Import Substitution: Russia has compiled a list of alternatives to popular foreign applications

In connection with the preparation of the law on the installation of domestic analogs of popular applications on all foreign

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Shazam named the most popular songs in Russia for search queries. Guess who comes first?

The application for searching unfamiliar songs Shazam published a list of ten tracks that Russian users searched most often from

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Popular YouTube channel alconafter blocked. Its author blames the TV channel "Star"

Kirill Fedorov again lost the YouTube channel alconafter. This time, the military equipment channel and War Thunder, which has more

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Fitness trackers are lying: popular gadgets have no idea about the actual distance traveled

The British Society for Consumer Protection has conducted a study on the accuracy of modern fitness trackers. Popular wrist gadgets

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The most popular emoji in runet are 🔥, ❤️ and 😂

The analytical team of the organization Noosphere Technologies analyzed over 250 million messages from 2016 to 2019 from various social