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Anthony Mackie shared a funny photo of the main cast of the series Falcon and Winter Soldier

Anthony Mackie (Marvel Cinematic Falcon) shared a fun photo on his Twitter account. She got the main cast of the

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From September 3rd! This Telegram bot will turn everyone in the photo into Mikhail Shufutinsky

Every year, September 3, we celebrate the day of the song "Third of September." A bunch of memes appear on

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Patrick, is that you? A starfish photo resembling the hero of “Sponge Bob” swirled on the Internet.

Twitter user posted a photo taken in the aquarium. It depicts a starfish that looks very much like Patrick from

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Now DeepFakes features are available to everyone: DeepNude application "strips" girls in the photo

The programmer has packed the capabilities of the DeepFakes neural network into a convenient DeepNude application that allows each user

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Robert Downey Jr. shared a large-scale photo of all the participants in the Avengers: The Finals shooting.

Robert Downey Jr., after the premiere of "The Avengers: The Finale" puts in his instagram photos and videos from the

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Redmi Note 7 was in space and made a photo of the Earth

Chinese giant Xiaomi has conducted a new advertising campaign and simultaneous tests of the camera of its megapopular smartphone Redmi

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Xiaomi Mi Band 4 in the first photo: classic design without surprises

A page with photos of the unannounced fitness tracker Xiaomi Mi Band 4 has appeared in the database of the

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Redmi X on the official photo: retractable selfie camera and Iron Man on the screen saver

A snapshot of the official advertising poster of the unannounced flagship Redmi X (sub-brand Xiaomi) has appeared on the SlashLeaks

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Is it a donut? Is it Firefox? How the internet responded to the first photo of the black hole

Today, scientists presented the first ever black hole photo. This important event, of course, could not remain without a joke.

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This is not “Interstellar” to you – scientists presented the first ever black hole photo

Astrophysicists for the first time in history presented an image of a black hole. Rather, its visible boundary – the