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Pavel Durov is 35 years old. We find out what people use more often – VKontakte or Telegram

Pavel Durov is 35 years old. We find out what people use more often – VKontakte or Telegram

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the series Friends, we choose the character most beloved by the people

The series “Friends” would never have been loved by the whole world if it hadn’t been for such charming and

The Russian series “Better Than People” aroused great interest among the global audience

On August 16, the Russian series “Better Than People” was released on Netflix. This allowed him to take 27th place

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“A man flew into space and got stuck between cabinets”: how people look for films if they don’t remember the name

Recently, Yandex analysts conducted a study to find out what details in the films impress the audience most. And for

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Biologist: people in space evolve so much that they will be considered a different kind

Humanity has long dreamed of the colonization of other planets. But few people think that with this people can change.

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400 thousand people want to take Zone 51 by storm with the help of a run from Naruto. What is happening ?!

More than 400 thousand people want to raid Zone 51 in September to see the aliens, and the technique of

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Yuri Khovansky is now helping the State Duma to work with young people

RIA Novosti reports that blogger Yuri Khovansky has become an assistant to the youngest State Duma deputy Vasily Vlasov. Now

People X – good, brave, cunning …

People X – good, brave, cunning …

The people are watching!

The people are watching!

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New filter for Snapchat changes the sex and makes of adult children. Look just what people are doing!

The popular Snapchat application has several interesting filters that turn men into women and vice versa, and also make children