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Yuri Khovansky is now helping the State Duma to work with young people

RIA Novosti reports that blogger Yuri Khovansky has become an assistant to the youngest State Duma deputy Vasily Vlasov. Now

People X – good, brave, cunning …

People X – good, brave, cunning …

The people are watching!

The people are watching!

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New filter for Snapchat changes the sex and makes of adult children. Look just what people are doing!

The popular Snapchat application has several interesting filters that turn men into women and vice versa, and also make children

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Jared Leto is sad in a crowd of people – the actor shared a short video from "Morbius"

The film about the vampire Morbius is already in the active stage of filming, but so far there is little

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Donation Alerts talked with Glad Valakas – so that young people, this is the same, do not degrade

Donation Alerts interviewed Streamer Glad Valakas, who became famous for his grandfather manner, thanks to his voice and spawned a

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Streamer Ninja, Brie Larson and Emilia Clark entered the top 100 most influential people in the world according to Time

Every year, Time Edition compiles a list of the hundred most influential people in the world. It includes politicians, musicians,

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People can not do that: 30 best photos from drones

The SkyPixel photo and drones community has summarized the results of the best shots from DJI quadcopters for 2018. The

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In New Zealand, there was a terrorist attack. 49 people died [обновлено]

In Christchurch, New Zealand, an attacker opened fire on mosque visitors. At least a few dozen people were injured. The

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The most aggressive people in RuNet are teenagers on entertainment and cybersports resources.

RBC with reference to the research of the analytical center Brand Analytics writes that the most aggressive people on the