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Mal da Del: iPad mini 5 surprised everyone in the strength test

A fresh iPad mini 5 tablet (iPad Mini 2019) has recently passed the iFixit maintainability test. Now, YouTube-blogger JerryRigEverything, who

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Not iPhone SE 2 and not iPhone mini, but iPhone XE: there are new rumors about the long-awaited Apple smartphone

Last month, we wrote that iPhone SE 2 might have been called an iPhone mini. Now the PC-Tablet profile site,

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Do not repair: iFixit experts disassembled iPad mini 5 and conducted tests for maintainability

IFixit experts conducted their standard maintainability tests with the new iPad mini 5 tablet (also known as iPad mini 2019).

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Rumor: Samsung Galaxy Note10 will be released in two versions: a mini version will be added to the standard one

According to the Korean edition of The Bell, citing sources among Samsung suppliers, the Korean giant will release not one,

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To the joy of retro gamers: Sega will release the Mega Drive Mini

Sega told about the imminent release of the mini version of the legendary 16-bit console Mega Drive (aka Sega Genesis).

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Rumor: iPhone mini is the new name of iPhone SE 2

The profile edition Igeekphone has published a pack of new rumors about the unannounced iPhone SE 2 smartphone. Judging by