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And this is not cheating? Ninja Streamer has over a million Mixer subscribers!

On August 1, Ninja announced that he decided to leave Twitch for Mixer, the Microsoft streaming platform. And now he

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The most expensive post in Instagram is worth 1.3 million dollars. No, not with Olga Buzova

Hopper estimated how much one instagram post from popular bloggers in 2019 cost. In the first place was the 21-year-old

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Wishing to storm Zone 51 is already more than a million. The flow of memes does not stop

Storm of Site 51 is the main meme of the last week. People believe that aliens are hiding at a

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Dmitry Puchkov sided with BadComedian and promised to help pay a fine of one million rubles

Dmitry Puchkov, better known on the Internet as Goblin, announced on the air of NSN that he and his colleagues

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PewDiePie lost the race to 100 million subscribers

When T-Series, an Indian media company, overtook PewDiePie by the number of subscribers, he not only congratulated her, but also

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"Postnauka" will receive 100 million rubles for the development of the owner of the ICD Roman Avdeev

Publishing house "Postnauka" shared information about investments in the amount of 100 million rubles. Roman Avdeev, the owner of the

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Data 49 million Instagram users leaked to the network

According to the profile edition of TechCrunch, a database with personal information of 49 million Instagram users has appeared on

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Meme: what are the other 14 million scenarios Dr. Strange saw?

If you watched “War of Infinity”, then remember this moment – Doctor Strange looks into the future and sees 14

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Internet users spend almost a million dollars in a minute – and other interesting statistics

The portal Statista has published an infographic telling that the Internet passes in one minute. As it turns out, a

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"Captain Marvel" inexorably approaching a billion. Cash fees have already exceeded 900 million dollars

March 18, "Captain Marvel" raised around 760 million dollars worldwide. New week – new heights. Now the picture to a