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How the Internet reacted to Sony’s divorce from Marvel and Spider-Man’s departure from the MCU

On August 20, it became known that Sony and Marvel could not agree on further cooperation, so the paths of

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Jim Carrey as the Hulk? The Internet offers terrible choices of actors as marvel heroes

Twitter hasntag #terribleMCUcasting. If you walk through it, you’ll find people casting actors for famous superheroes. Needless to say that

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The new list of the most highly paid celebrities from Forbes includes six Marvel actors at once.

Forbes annually publishes a list of the highest paid celebrities. This year was no exception – as always, it is

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A fan has found a connection between Marvel movies and its Netflix series. Have you ever paid attention?

Reddit user Tajul92 found an amusing connection between Marvel's paintings and their Netflix series. The characters of the show and

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Marvel replaced in the trailer "Away from Home" the word, able to give the plot of the film

"Spider-Man: Away from Home" has been out for rent for a week now, but fans continue to look for Easter

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Marvel decided not to bathe and showed almost all film spoilers in the new Final movie

Remember how the brothers Rousseau announced that from May 6 it will be possible to easily spoil the "Avengers: Final"?

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Media: Richard Madden from Game of Thrones may play in the new Marvel film Eternal

Source The Wrap reports that Marvel Studios is negotiating with Richard Madden to participate in the "Eternal". You can know

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An insider close to Marvel revealed the details of "Doctor Strange 2" and "Guardians of the Galaxy 3"

Roger Wardell is a twitter account where insights on Marvel films appear. For example, in 2018 there was information about

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Rumor: Marvel Studios launched the production of a film about the space superhero Nova

There is a rumor that Marvel Studios is already engaged in a solo film about the superhero Nova. Information shared

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A fan rated the films of the Marvel Universe Marvel by the presence of trains in them. The "Guardians of the Galaxy" – 0 out of 10!

The fan of the Marvel Universe decided to rate her films by an unusual criterion – by the presence of