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April 4 – page 404 day. Blizzard and Marvel approached its design very creatively!

The online magazine Skyeng in honor of the fourth of April gathered a selection of interesting pages 404, which welcome

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The art director of God of War showed how Wolverine could look like in the Marvel Cinema Universe. Very cool!

With most Fox moving to Disney, movie-comic fans are waiting for X-Men to appear in Marvel films. The artist and

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BossLogic portrayed how Angelina Jolie could look like in Eternal Marvel

Artist BossLogic presented who could play Angelina Jolie in the "Eternal" Marvel. Just recently, information appeared that she was negotiating

Everyone loves the cat Captain Marvel. Now in his honor make posters with their cats.

Everyone loves the cat Captain Marvel. Now in his honor make posters with their cats.

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The AMC kinosetend unveiled the Avengers: Finals timekeeping. This will be the longest running Marvel movie.

The site of the American Cinema Network, AMC, unveiled the duration of the Avengers: Final movie. It really will be

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“We lost” – in the new video the actors of the film universe Marvel discuss “The Avengers: Final”

On the YouTube channel Marvel Entertainment came out ficuretka We Lost ("We lost"). In it, actors like Robert Downey Jr.

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Marvel fans need to add one more character to the “Final” posters. Remember this?

On March 26, Marvel Studios released posters for Avengers: Finals, with heroes who survived the end of War of Infinity,

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Rumor: Marvel and Xiaomi Redmi will release a superhero smartphone for the premiere of "The Avengers: The Final"

Marvel Company and the Redmi brand (Xiaomi budget branch) announced an official partnership within the framework of the release of

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Producer "Shazama" believes that the feud between Marvel and DC is complete nonsense

Shazam producer Peter Safran talked to Uproxx and told him what he thought about the so-called hostility between Marvel and

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Media: Marvel is in talks with Angelina Jolie about filming in "Eternal"

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Angelina Jolie is in talks about filming the movie "Eternal". The picture should be the