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Redmi X on the official photo: retractable selfie camera and Iron Man on the screen saver

A snapshot of the official advertising poster of the unannounced flagship Redmi X (sub-brand Xiaomi) has appeared on the SlashLeaks

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It turns out that the Rousseau brothers did not know about the meme about Thanos and the Ant Man!

Before the premiere of Avengers: The Final, a meme-theory spread on the Internet about how superheroes defeat the villain Thanos

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"VKontakte" and Amediateka locked a man in a glass cube and forced to watch "Game of Thrones"

VKontakte and Amadeiatek on the eve of the release of the final season of the Game of Thrones jointly launched

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The bottom line. Why the start of the second season of the anime One Punch Man is a huge disappointment

Studio J.C. Staff set a date for the premiere of the One Punch Man anime season on April 2nd. Moreover,

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A fan of One-Punch Man tried out the Saitama training regime. The result is obvious!

Saitama, the protagonist of One-Punch Man, adheres to a very simple training regime – 100 push-ups, 100 press exercises, 100

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The author of the original manga One Punch Man recalled the imminent start of the second season with new art

The creator of the original web manga One Punch Man, hiding under the nickname ONE, drew a new art in

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A half-naked man walked through the Tretyakov Gallery. This is called a performance.

On the evening of March 20, in the Tretyakov Gallery, a man stripped down to his underwear and walked through

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Toy maker unveiled costumes of Thanos and Iron Man in "The Avengers: Final"

Hot Toys, a well-known toy maker, has published photos of Iron Man and Thanos figures in new costumes from the

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The mountain from Game of Thrones set a new world record in the deadlift. Is he exactly a man?

Hafthor Björnsson, a powerlifter and Gore from Game of Thrones, set a new world record at the recent Arnold Strongman

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Initially, the authors of “The Matrix” for the role of Neo considered not only a man, but also a woman

Lorenzo di Bonaventura, producer of "The Matrix", said that the authors of the picture for a long time could not