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iPhone XI will get a power supply with fast charging and USB Type-C port

According to the profile site Macotakara, the future iPhone XI will receive an expanded delivery package, which will include an

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Chinese students fooled Apple by sending a fake iPhone to the service and receiving real ones in return.

Chinese students who studied in Oregon have long been deceived by Apple. The catch was revealed only now, and savvy

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Not iPhone SE 2 and not iPhone mini, but iPhone XE: there are new rumors about the long-awaited Apple smartphone

Last month, we wrote that iPhone SE 2 might have been called an iPhone mini. Now the PC-Tablet profile site,

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That's better: a new version of the triple camera iPhone XI has appeared

The German designer, nicknamed Phone Designer, tweeted his version of the triple camera in the future iPhone XI. His version

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Like Huawei: the new iPhone XI scheme confirms the unusual triple main camera module

The network has a new scheme of the future flagship iPhone XI. It was supposedly intended for Chinese manufacturing plants,

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Apple Card: Apple has shown an electronic banking card for the iPhone

In addition to the News + news subscription service, the Cupertino giant introduced the Apple Card – a virtual bank

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Rumor: iPhone mini is the new name of iPhone SE 2

The profile edition Igeekphone has published a pack of new rumors about the unannounced iPhone SE 2 smartphone. Judging by