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How the Internet reacted to Sony’s divorce from Marvel and Spider-Man’s departure from the MCU

On August 20, it became known that Sony and Marvel could not agree on further cooperation, so the paths of

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How the internet reacted to the Inside Xbox presentation with gamescom 2019

On August 19, Micrsoft hosted the Inside Xbox stream, timed to the start of gamescom 2019. Here's how the public

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How the internet reacted to the gamescom 2019 opening ceremony

On August 19, the Gamescom 2019 opening ceremony was held by Jeff Kayleigh. Many announcements took place on it and

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The Russian Internet is boiling because of the advertising of Vizit condoms. What this scandal looks like from the company

The Russian Internet is discussing SMM solutions of the Vizit condom brand with might and main. Where does a joke

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Jim Carrey as the Hulk? The Internet offers terrible choices of actors as marvel heroes

Twitter hasntag #terribleMCUcasting. If you walk through it, you’ll find people casting actors for famous superheroes. Needless to say that

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The largest hentai site Exhentai has closed. The Internet says goodbye to the "sad panda"

Exhentai, the largest resource for publishing galleries of drawn and animated illustrations of an erotic nature (and not only), suddenly

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How the Internet responded to the first trailer for The Witcher with Henry Cavill

The debut of the first trailer for The Witcher from Netflix took place at SDCC 2019. That's what they wrote

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Producer "It" is engaged in a film based on the Internet horror Momo

Momo herself let and destroyed, but her work lives. Producer Roy Lee, known for the Hollywood adaptations of Asian horror

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On the Internet, make dogs jump over the film. No, this is not a mockery of animals.

New month – new flash mob on the Internet: for several days now, social network users have been posting videos