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Google Chrome will teach you to load pages faster and save up to 98% of traffic

Eddy Osmani, head of Google Chrome development (Addy Osmani), said that the future browser update will add the maximum traffic

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Google celebrated March 8 with a festive doodle with quotes from prominent women.

Google celebrated International Women's Day in 2019 with a special doodle. Thanks to him, we can recall the quotes of

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Inbox and Google+ everything. Google Mail and Social Network are closed.

Google has finally closed the mail client Inbox and social network Google+. Servers of these services were disabled yesterday, April

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How the Internet responded to the announcement of Google Stadia

At GDC 2019, Google announced a new cloud-based gaming platform – Stadia. This is how the web responded to this

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April 1 continues: Google Calendar turned into Space Invaders

We already wrote that in honor of April 1 in Google Maps you can play the classic "Snake". But Google

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In honor of April 1, you can play classic Snake on Google Maps

Google decided to celebrate April 1 and added the classic Snake game to its Google Maps application. To play the

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Tilda Swinton voiced a Google app about the history of the universe

Google and CERN released the Big Bang app, which tells about the origin and development of our universe. Skyeng Online

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Google launched a cool doodle – with the help of AI you can create a work in the style of Bach

Google released a doodle dedicated to the composer Johann Sebastian Bach. Its essence – arrange notes, change the tempo of

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The attacker stole 122 million from Google and Facebook. He just asked them for money.

The Lithuanian Evaldas Rimasauskas was accused of fraud and money laundering – in 2013 and 2015 he fraudulently received from

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The state employee at the price of the Chinese flagship: the prices of Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL smartphones are published

The profile edition of Winfuture has published a fresh piece of information about future "budget" smartphones Google. According to the