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Four idiotic animated series on games

Four idiotic animated series on games

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The RAWG service has learned to recommend games using neural networks.

The team of the recommendation service RAWG announced that starting from today it will be even easier to search for

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Borderlands 3 is also missing from the Epic Games Store. Like the display of low prices with sales

It seems that many developers and publishers were not ready for the public to see the prices for their games

What to do in a good company without video games and desktop

What to do in a good company without video games and desktop

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The State Duma is trying to understand where the Internet threats are coming from. It turns out from online games and social networks

Youth organizations under the State Duma and the Union of Lawyers of Russia surveyed 1.2 thousand respondents aged from 18

Best Mobile Games on DC Comics

Best Mobile Games on DC Comics

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Californians can trade fierce ice cream games

Ed berberian In October 2014, in the California district of Marin, it will be possible to exchange violent video games

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On April 1, Reddit will close the popular r / Games section. That's why

Reddit closes the r / Games section with 1.7 million subscribers on April 1. Such an announcement appeared on the

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In the USA, a child who had sat over video games saved his family

A boy from the US state of Kentucky saved eight people, lingering over video games until the morning. About this

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Forest hermit from USA stole portable consoles with games Pokemon

48-year-old American Christopher Knight, who lived 27 years in the forests of Maine, stole portable consoles with Pokemon and other