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Review of the film under license.

Review of the film under license.

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Marvel decided not to bathe and showed almost all film spoilers in the new Final movie

Remember how the brothers Rousseau announced that from May 6 it will be possible to easily spoil the "Avengers: Final"?

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"Degraded!": His new video BadComedian dedicated to the defeat of the film "T-34"

Yevgeny BadComedian Bazhenov dedicated his new review to the domestic film “T-34”. The video lasts a little more than an

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Media: Richard Madden from Game of Thrones may play in the new Marvel film Eternal

Source The Wrap reports that Marvel Studios is negotiating with Richard Madden to participate in the "Eternal". You can know

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Rumor: Marvel Studios launched the production of a film about the space superhero Nova

There is a rumor that Marvel Studios is already engaged in a solo film about the superhero Nova. Information shared

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To believe: mother-robot or human stranger? Trailer for the film "Child of the Robot"

Film company “Volga” presented a trailer for the film “Child of the Robot” (in the original – I Am Mother).

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Media: CinemaCon showed scenes from Sonic. The film was clearly made for young children.

At a recent event, CinemaCon showed new scenes of the film about Sonic, and IGN re-told them. According to the

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The documentary film "Letspley" paints a portrait of the generation of cybersportsmen

On Saturday, April 6, the premiere of the first Russian documentary film on cybersports, dubbed Lettspley, will premiere at the

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The film "The Avengers: Finals" received insanely beautiful new poster

On the cover of the magazine Marvel Previews got a new poster "Avengers: Final". And it turned out to be

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Directed by "Avengers: Finals" brothers Rousseau admitted that they would like to make a film about Wolverine

Directed by "War of Infinity" and "Avengers: Finals" brothers Russo admitted that they really would like to make a film