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How the fans responded to the 15 series of the 9th season of the Walking Dead. Someone will need therapy.

After season 14, season 9, it would seem much tougher, but the creators of The Walking Dead decided to spin

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Marvel fans need to add one more character to the “Final” posters. Remember this?

On March 26, Marvel Studios released posters for Avengers: Finals, with heroes who survived the end of War of Infinity,

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Fans fantasize what other sex secrets "Harry Potter" can reveal JK Rowling

The recent news from Joanne Rowling herself about the “passionate love relationship” of Dumbledore and Grindelwald has thoroughly stirred up

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Zach Snyder likes Avengers, but he wants other films to be accepted by fans.

During a recent question and answer session with fans, Zack Snyder spoke a few kind words about The Avengers. This

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Bethesda listened to the fans – in The Elder Scrolls VI will appear "grandmother-yutuber" Shirley Curry

If you remember, last year we already wrote that the community of fans of the series The Elder Scrolls asked

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Fans of the Avengers: The Finals created a petition to make Ant-Man “really tear up” Thanos

Avengers: Finals fans want jokes about Ant-Man and Thanos to stop being just jokes. Someone even organized a special petition.