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A fan has found a connection between Marvel movies and its Netflix series. Have you ever paid attention?

Reddit user Tajul92 found an amusing connection between Marvel's paintings and their Netflix series. The characters of the show and

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A fan recreated a Need For Speed ​​race in real life. It turned out cool!

Vladislav Chekunov posted on his YouTube channel a video in which he recreated the race from Need for Speed: Underground

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Todd Howard sings about his "little lie" in a fabulous fan clip It Just Works

St. Petersburg team The chalkeaters recorded an amazing parody song It Just Works, dedicated to Bethesda, Todd Howard and his

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Fan Petition offers to make Keanu Reeves Man of the Year by Time. We are all for!

And you obviously already know it, but once again we will say – everyone loves Keanu Reeves. He starred in

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A fan rated the films of the Marvel Universe Marvel by the presence of trains in them. The "Guardians of the Galaxy" – 0 out of 10!

The fan of the Marvel Universe decided to rate her films by an unusual criterion – by the presence of

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The best fan trailer of “Final” came out – with dancing Thanos, which will haunt in nightmares

On the YouTube channel Aldo Jones released a reworked trailer for Avengers: Final. Inside – a parody of the "Aladdin",

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A fan of One-Punch Man tried out the Saitama training regime. The result is obvious!

Saitama, the protagonist of One-Punch Man, adheres to a very simple training regime – 100 push-ups, 100 press exercises, 100

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The Avengers' Fan Theory: The Finale talks about the perfect ending for Captain America

The premiere of the film The Avengers: The Finals will take place very soon, after which not only a new

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A fresh poster of Gamora from “The Avengers: Final” confirms the fan theory

On March 26, Marvel Studios released a pack of new posters for the film Avengers: Final, which showed the heroes