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PewDiePie compared your YouTube channel to anime Attack on Titan

Yutuber PewDiePie compared his channel with the anime series “Invasion of the Giants” (or Shingeki no Kyojin, or Attack on

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The YouTube video “At Dawn” appeared and scored about 500 thousand views. Platform deleted channel

Youtube blocked the channel of musician Oleg Parastaeva from the group "Alliance". He recently uploaded a clip “At Dawn”, shot

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Channel One confused the poster Team Fortress 2 with US military propaganda.

In the historical program “The First World War”, Channel One showed a poster of the Team Shooter 2 team shooter

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Mouse (krodetsya) and other relevant "memes" on the channel "Russia 1"

On March 13, in the issue “Morning of Russia” on the channel “Russia 1”, leading Barbara Ermakova gave a few

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This channel makes budget versions of screensavers and trailers. Our favorite is Sailor Moon.

Recently tweeted fast Miss_Ubari users. She drew attention to the YouTube channel Studio 188, making its version of the trailers

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The Japanese figure skater performed in the image of the anime "JoJo." On Channel One, he was called YoYo.

In our time, everyone seems to have heard about JoJo's Incredible Adventures. But this does not apply to the figure

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Twitch broke the channel StopGame [обновлено]

March 14, it became known that the administration of Twitch banned the official channel of the game portal Game-space. At