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Soviet Captain America David Harbor at Black Widow's Cool Fan Art

"Black Widow" has not even come out, and the Red Guard from the film has already fallen in love with

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The network got footage from the trailer "Birds of Prey." There Harley and the black mask without a mask

While DC fans are waiting for the Bird of Prey trailer with Margot Robbie, footage from there has already arrived.

HBO ordered black comedy with Jack Black and Tim Robbins

Paid channel HBO ordered the first season of the black comedy The Brink ("At the Abyss") about a political crisis

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Jack Black burned the PewDiePie house! True, so far only in Minecraft

Apparently, Minecraft is back in fashion. A few days ago, PewDiePie released a half-hour video in which he, along with

Evil Dead: The Black Book and seven more films of the week

Evil Dead: The Black Book and seven more films of the week

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Jack Black said that he launched the YouTube channel after the failure of his show on television

The actor and musician Jack Black has a YouTube channel Jablinski Games, which already has a little more than 4

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"Again blackface." Twitch banned streamers for cosplay black character

Karina "Karupups" Marcinkiewicz received 30 days of blocking on Twitch due to the cosplay "Lifeline" from Apex Legends. Karina's cosplay

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Is it a donut? Is it Firefox? How the internet responded to the first photo of the black hole

Today, scientists presented the first ever black hole photo. This important event, of course, could not remain without a joke.

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This is not “Interstellar” to you – scientists presented the first ever black hole photo

Astrophysicists for the first time in history presented an image of a black hole. Rather, its visible boundary – the

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David Harbor joins Black Widow cast

The Hollywood Reporter reports that David Harbor joined the caste of the solo film about the Black Widow, who was