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In the new video BadComedian summed up the results of their trials with Kinodanz

In his new video, Evgeny BadComedian Bazhenov summed up the conflict with the film company Kinodanz. For his future reviews

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BadComedian and Kinodanz went to the world, the closure of the channel is canceled

Yevgeny BadComedian Bazhenov and Kinodanz film companies still managed to find a common language, because the claim for 1 million

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MP of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation demands to check the legality of state support of the studio that sued BadComedian

Valery Rashkin, a deputy of the State Duma from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, against the background of

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Ksenia Sobchak spoke about trying to reconcile BadComedian and Kinodanz. Bedu has something to say to that.

Ksenia Sobchak recorded a video in which she described how she tried to help Eugene BadComedian Bazhenov in his confrontation

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Dmitry Puchkov sided with BadComedian and promised to help pay a fine of one million rubles

Dmitry Puchkov, better known on the Internet as Goblin, announced on the air of NSN that he and his colleagues

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Dood, Transverse, Kandelaki and Sarik Andreasyan – who spoke in support of BadComedian [обновлено]

Yesterday, Evgeny BadComedian Bazhenov spoke about the claims and strikes by Kinodanz, because of which the existence of his channel

Exclusive: interview with Sarik Andreasyan and Tina Kandelaki about Kinodanz lawsuit against BadComedian

Exclusive: interview with Sarik Andreasyan and Tina Kandelaki about Kinodanz lawsuit against BadComedian

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BadComedian talked about litigation due to reviews. He is afraid of closing the channel

Eugene BadComedian Bazhenov released a new video. This time it is not a review, but a short video about the

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"Degraded!": His new video BadComedian dedicated to the defeat of the film "T-34"

Yevgeny BadComedian Bazhenov dedicated his new review to the domestic film “T-34”. The video lasts a little more than an

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BadComedian has criticized the third season of the "Real Detective"

Film critic Yevgeny Bazhenov, better known as BadComedian, has quite spoke harshly about the third season of the TV series