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How the Internet responded to the Apple presentation at WWDC 2019

At WWDC 2019, Apple held its annual presentation on which it spoke about its new products. Here's how the audience

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Chinese students fooled Apple by sending a fake iPhone to the service and receiving real ones in return.

Chinese students who studied in Oregon have long been deceived by Apple. The catch was revealed only now, and savvy

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Not iPhone SE 2 and not iPhone mini, but iPhone XE: there are new rumors about the long-awaited Apple smartphone

Last month, we wrote that iPhone SE 2 might have been called an iPhone mini. Now the PC-Tablet profile site,

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More expensive AirPods, but better: Apple introduced the Beats Powerbeats Pro fully wireless headphones

Apple and its subsidiary Beats have released new Beats Powerbeats Pro fully wireless headphones. Audio gadget is designed not only

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Captain America called Apple, but no one answered him

A day before the announcement of news and streaming services at the Steve Jobs Theater, Apple launched a live broadcast

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Apple announced streaming video service on Apple TV + subscription with exclusives

At the Apple presentation, Tim Cook showed a new Apple TV app. Its meaning is to combine all similar services

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Apple officially abandoned AirPower wireless charging mat

Apparently, Apple could not realize the pad for wireless charging of gadgets called AirPower. The project is minimized as “not

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Apple Card: Apple has shown an electronic banking card for the iPhone

In addition to the News + news subscription service, the Cupertino giant introduced the Apple Card – a virtual bank

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Apple Arcade is a subscription game service with hundreds of new exclusives.

In addition to News + and Apple Card, Apple introduced Arcade – a single subscription for a mobile game library.

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Games, Shows and Subscriptions – what Apple showed at the presentation

Games, Shows and Subscriptions – what Apple showed at the presentation