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The best jokes about the official title of the 9th episode of "Star Wars"

Today it became known that the 9th episode of “Star Wars”, in the West called The Rise of Skywalker, in

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The 9th season finale of the Walking Dead has become the most anti-record finale in show history.

You may have already noticed that “The Walking Dead” continue to put on anti-records. More precisely, the ninth season of

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How the fans responded to the 15 series of the 9th season of the Walking Dead. Someone will need therapy.

After season 14, season 9, it would seem much tougher, but the creators of The Walking Dead decided to spin

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The “Walking” has a new anti-record by the number of viewers. So he came to the main series of the 9th season!

15 series of the 9 season of the Walking Dead, entitled “The Calm Before”, set a new anti-record for the