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For Fallen Order, you need 32 GB of RAM at high settings! [обновлено: это была ошибка EA]

For Fallen Order, you need 32 GB of RAM at high settings! [updated: it was an EA error]

The Internet is getting ready to storm Zone 51. Memes are back [обновлено]

On September 20, thousands of people (far less, actually) are going to storm Zone 51, but for now they’re warming

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Winchester Brothers vs. Zombies on New Shots of the Supernatural Finals [Обновлено]

The last 15 season of "Supernatural" will begin on October 10, but now the promotional materials are flying to the

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Actor Kevin Hart had an accident [обновлено: ему сделали операцию]

Comedian and actor Kevin Hart had a serious accident, CNN reports citing a report from the California patrol service. Updated:

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What if the main role in the "Shine" Kubrick played Jim Carrey? [обновлено]

The author of the YouTube channel Ctrl Shift Face is not the first time using the Deepfake neural network to

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How the Internet responded to the Microsoft conference at E3 2019 [обновлено]

On June 9, at 23:00, the Microsoft press conference started at E3 2019. We watch it with you and collect

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Dood, Transverse, Kandelaki and Sarik Andreasyan – who spoke in support of BadComedian [обновлено]

Yesterday, Evgeny BadComedian Bazhenov spoke about the claims and strikes by Kinodanz, because of which the existence of his channel

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Spaydi meets Misterio in a new video “Away from home”. And this is an important point for MCU [обновлено]

The first clip from Spiderman: Away from Home was shown at the evening show by Ellen DeGeneres. In it, for

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Disney has announced the release dates of films on its main franchises [обновлено — «Гамбита» не будет]

Disney has postponed the release dates for the next Avatar parts. At the same time it became known that the

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Ilon Musk raged: he would post anime memes and respond in Russian [обновлено]

Ilon Mask does not behave at all as it should be for a successful billionaire, but everyone loves him for