Spectacles 3 Unveiled: Stylish Dual-Camera Snapchat Smart Glasses

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Spectacles 3 Unveiled: Stylish Smart Glasses for Snapchat with Two Cameras | Kanobu - Image 1

Snap, the creator of the Snapchat messenger, introduced the third generation of Spectacles 3 smart glasses that can take photos and shoot 3D video.

Spectacles 3 – sunglasses with two cameras on the sides. Both are able to shoot in a resolution of 1642 by 1642 pixels (for a photo) or 1216 by 1216 pixels (for a video). The maximum length of one video is 60 seconds. They can be made voluminous. Shooting starts with a button on the eyeglass case.

Smart glasses for Snapchat have 4 GB of flash memory. According to the creators, this is enough to store 1200 photos or 100 one-minute videos.

On one charge of the battery, you can take 200 pictures and record 70 videos. Included is a case with a built-in battery for recharging glasses outside the home. If desired, the photo or video taken can be immediately published to Snapchat through a special app for glasses. There you can configure effects and other filters.

Spectacles 3 glasses come in gold and black. Start of sales in November. The issue price is 380 dollars. Limited edition.

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