Satyr kissed Gudkov in the new show by Mikhail Schatz “Evening Someone”

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Satyr kissed Gudkov in Mikhail Schatz’s new show “Someone Evening” | Kanobu - Image 1

Comedian Mikhail Shatz decided to launch his own Internet show, which was called "Someone Evening." And to distinguish himself from the rest of the YouTube, he came up with an unusual concept for a similar format. Each issue will have different presenters.

At the beginning of the video, Schatz explained that in addition to the show there will be no script, so all the presenters will have to improvise:

We came up with a tricky plan. And the plan, guys, is this: this show will have a new presenter every time. And each time it will be a popular, talented and very famous person.

It became an honor for Alexander Gudkov to become the host of the debut release, and the first guest was a parody artist and a bit rapper Ilya “Satyr” Shabelnikov. And yes, he really kissed Gudkov, as shown on the cover of the video. But only because he needed to portray Leonid Brezhnev!

More recently, Satyr blew Oxymiron in a new parody, which is called "the best diss in the history of Russian rap."
And Gudkov had previously starred in the video of Dima Bilan for the song “About White Roses”.

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