Poll. What do you think of “It 2”?

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"It 2" is already in full swing in theaters. The evil clown Pennywise again terrorizes the heroes, but have already matured. The time has come to find out how the readers of Kanobu appreciated the sequel.

The sequel to the hit "It" was unexpectedly cool received by critics and viewers alike. Despite the fact that the film will ultimately raise its money, the attitude to the series has clearly worsened. And this is subject to ratings on specialized sites:

IMDB is already (7.1), and the film was released not so long ago. The first is still 7.4. On the Kinopoisk website (6.9). Rotten Tomatoes (63%), Metacritic (58).

Obviously, something greatly disappointed the audience. But what? We vote and share our opinions in the comments.

In our review from Venice, we explain why “It 2” is such a helpless film.
But still there are 5 points in which he was able to jump above the original book.
Alexander Trofimov talks about the main problems of the plot of “It 2”.


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