Pestering cosplayers in public – is it bad or not? The network because of this scandal unfolded

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After IgroMir and Comic Con Russia, a scandal erupted on the Internet amid the attitudes of exhibition visitors to cosplayers.

It all started with the fact that a Twitter user under the nickname Vovan Joker posted a photo where a man pressed himself to the girl’s chest in the image of MK Milina. Moreover, the model, judging by the facial expression, was not enthusiastic about this.

Pestering cosplayers in public - is it bad or not? The network because of this scandal unfolded | Kanobu - Image 1

According to him, it is not surprising that cosplayers harass at similar festivals. Say, they themselves provoke men and schoolchildren into it with a defiant look. He considers such a model behavior to be completely normal.

I have a question for all similar cosplayers: what are you doing, <блин>, expect something? Wear a narrow rag, knock out boobs and hope for a lack of male attention? Like <женщин легкого поведения> only <трахать> and paw. You get your far-fetched popularity only thanks to the fit / bare parts of the body, so do not make indignant <лица>when brave schoolchildren decide to move from a shy handjob to a new level.

Vovan Joker also recommended going to McDonald’s mopping floors if you don’t like this attitude of the event visitors.

In response to this, the user received storm of indignation both on the part of girls and men. Some even asked a logical question: and on the beach and in the pool then you also need to harass women in swimsuits? He was also reminded that pawing and showing attention are completely different things.

Cosplayer Narga in turn emphasizedthat it’s not at all a defiant appearance. As the girl notes, she was pawed even at gamescom when she was in the image of a Banshee – in closed armor and a “creep” helmet.

Pestering cosplayers in public - is it bad or not? The network because of this scandal unfolded | Kanobu - Image 2

That's how Narga looked at gamescom

Cosplayers also sided with some journalists.

At the same time, Freymute user shared an interesting thought: you should not speak at such exhibitions if such situations are repeated every time, and the event organizers do nothing with it.

Some have even noticed that Vovan Joker is a potential rapist.

However, there were those who nevertheless sided with the author of the post. Among them, user n3ggat1ve, also known as AuP. is he agreedcosplayers are exhibitionists who like attention. And he called harassment in public the costs of the profession.

We got in touch with some cosplayers. For example, Amiko noted that she had no such situations. However, according to her, "a man should always remain a man, and not turn into an animal."

Even if in a strip club a person began to paw a stripper without her consent, he would have received it from the guard.

Zhanna Rudakova also noted that they had never been molested before her. But, in her opinion, this depends not only on the appearance, but also on the behavior of the cosplayer.

Apparently, my behavior and look did not give reason to touch, otherwise it is clear that they will receive a lot of “good” in response.

We, in turn, urge respect for cosplayers.

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