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Foreign actor voice acting "Avengers: Finals" revealed some details of the film

Mexican actor Sergio Zurita, voicing the rocket in the new Avengers for the Spanish-language rental, told Unocero about his role

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The artist from CD Projekt RED puts his work on the Web. Just look at this beauty!

Masahiro Sawada is a senior concept artist in CD Projekt RED. He lays out his drawings on ArtStation, where we

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Future hit: published price and features of the smartphone Xiaomi Mi 9X

In the Chinese social network Weibo appeared detailed specifications and the price of unannounced smartphone Xiaomi Mi 9X. This is

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You will not believe, but Dmitry Medvedev is now a game critic

Today, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev visited Mail.Ru headquarters, where he was introduced to many of the company's game developments. There,

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Directed by "We" and "Off" does not plan to shoot in the lead roles of white. There is an explanation.

Jordan Peale is the director of two successful horror "We" and "Off." In these films, black actors play the lead

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Sarik Andreasyan tried to ask for Yuri Dudiu, and then said that he was not interested

Often, in interviews with people connected in one way or another with cinema, Yury Dud asks about the work of

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Nintendo will release a cardboard box for storing Labo's cardboard constructor. Everything is logical!

On April 12th, Nintendo Labo Okatazuke will be released exclusively for Japan. In fact, this is a cardboard box for

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A good Diablo-clone Torchlight II will be released on consoles

The publisher of Perfect World Entertainment announced that Torchlight 2 will be released on consoles. Port studio will Panic Button.

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Director "Comedian" do not mind if you download his film from torrents

Mikhail Idov, the director of the drama “Comedian”, released in early March, suddenly told his readers on Twitter that the

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Apple introduced News +: a paid subscription to newspapers and magazines

Apple has officially introduced an additional subscription service for newspapers and magazines in its already existing Apple News application. The