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The Elder Scrolls: Blades finally released in early access

Bethesda in honor of the 25th anniversary of the series The Elder Scrolls finally released in an early access mobile

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The main series of April 2019

The main series of April 2019

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One person, one hundred hours and 13 different parts on the cello – this is what a cover of the Song of Durin looks like

Yutuber Cellofrag recorded a cover of the song Song of Durin from The Lord of the Rings. For this, she

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Announcement Huawei P30 Lite: the Chinese unexpectedly presented a light version of the flagship P30 and P30 Pro

Only yesterday, Huawei introduced the flagship Huawei P30 and P30 Pro, and today announced a light version of its top

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Initially, the authors of “The Matrix” for the role of Neo considered not only a man, but also a woman

Lorenzo di Bonaventura, producer of "The Matrix", said that the authors of the picture for a long time could not

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Fans of the Avengers: The Finals created a petition to make Ant-Man “really tear up” Thanos

Avengers: Finals fans want jokes about Ant-Man and Thanos to stop being just jokes. Someone even organized a special petition.

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Conor MacGregor announced his retirement at MMA, no rematch with Nurmagomedov

Today in the twitter account of the Irish MMA star there was a message about retirement. His last fight was

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Rumor: PlayStation 5 controller photos appeared online

The user of Reddit noticed that a couple of photos appeared on the Internet, which presumably depicts a controller for

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China got the coolest poster of "The Avengers: Final"

The new Avengers: Final movie poster is very cool. So once again it was proved that China gets the most

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BossLogic made his posters calling for "revenge for the fallen." Deadpool for Wolverine!

After Marvel published today the Avengers: Final posters calling for “revenge for the fallen”, jokes on this topic began to