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BadComedian talked about litigation due to reviews. He is afraid of closing the channel

Eugene BadComedian Bazhenov released a new video. This time it is not a review, but a short video about the

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On June 29–30 St. Petersburg will host the Starkon festival – for the twentieth time!

From 29 to 30 June at the Expoforum Convention and Exhibition Center Starcon Festival of Science Fiction and Science will

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Maddison was banned forever on Twitch because of the shot on the stream. He was staged

Ilya Maddison received a permanent ban on twitch. The reason is a pistol shot during a S.T.A.L.K.E.R broadcast: Call of

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Cosplayer made a realistic Spiderman mask. With movable lenses from the movie!

Hong Kong Cosplayer Cavin creations I posted on Twitter a finished version of the Spider-Man mask from new movies. The

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The best jokes and reactions to the Death Stranding big trailer

On May 29, Hideo Kojima published the Death Tranding large trailer, which featured both gameplay and plot scenes. That's what

Non-Ideal Movie: Oblivion

Non-Ideal Movie: Oblivion

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Found the best cover of "Imperial March" from "Star Wars". Mark Hamill himself appreciated!

On Twitter, the video is gaining popularity, where the best cover of “Imperial March” sounds. The background is as follows

It's hard to be Herman

It's hard to be Herman

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PewDiePie lost the race to 100 million subscribers

When T-Series, an Indian media company, overtook PewDiePie by the number of subscribers, he not only congratulated her, but also

Four idiotic animated series on games

Four idiotic animated series on games