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From the trailer of “scary stories for a story in the dark” Guillermo del Toro is really creepy

A trailer for the movie “Scary Stories for a Story in the Dark” was released – an adaptation of the

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Xiaomi shared a new information about MIUI 11

The head of the software department Xiaomi Liu Min told about some features of the future proprietary shell MIUI 11.

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YouTube has removed the videos of Yuri Dudya and Leonid Parfenov. That's why

The videos of journalists Yury Dudy and Leonid Parfenov disappeared from YouTube. The first one had a “vud” blog release

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Kingdom Come will soon receive the "royal edition" – with all the extras!

Warhorse Studio announced the imminent release of the most complete edition of the Kingdom Come role-playing game: Deliverance with the

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The “Walking” has a new anti-record by the number of viewers. So he came to the main series of the 9th season!

15 series of the 9 season of the Walking Dead, entitled “The Calm Before”, set a new anti-record for the

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Xiaomi Mi Notebook 15.6 (2019): Updated Strict Classics for as low as $ 655

The Chinese giant Xiaomi has already updated its 12.5-inch laptop, and now it's the turn of the 15.6-inch version. Mi

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Keanu Reeves drove the passengers who did not reach the city plane and gave them a tour. It's so cute!

On March 23, a plane flying to Los Angeles in the USA did not reach its destination and made an

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Andrew Lincoln regrets leaving the Walking Dead

Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl in The Walking Dead, talked a bit with Entertainment Weekly about the show. He touched

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In Dead by Daylight, Ash will appear from The Evil Dead. Where's the chainsaw and the double barrels?

Studio Behavior Interactive has released a trailer for the new DLC to Dead by Daylight – in it as a