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Ikumi Nakamura received a skull from Russia, almost like that of Hideo Kojima. Only he is broken!

GhostWire Creative Director: Tokyo Ikumi Nakamura tweeted in broken Russian that she received a parcel from Russia, which turned out

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Don't like Yennifer on The Netflix The Witcher? Then the perfect cosplay of the sorceress you will like

The American model, under the pseudonym lovetahnee, periodically publishes photos on her instagram in the image of the sorceress Yennifer

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The Russian Internet is boiling because of the advertising of Vizit condoms. What this scandal looks like from the company

The Russian Internet is discussing SMM solutions of the Vizit condom brand with might and main. Where does a joke

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Ninja criticized Twitch after promoting porn on his channel

After Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, the most popular streamer in the world, went to the Mixer platform, something incomprehensible began to

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Almost half of BTS Instagram followers are fakes. And this is not even a record!

The ICMP website conducted a study to find out which Instagram account has the most fake subscribers. The BTS group

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Netizens saw in the cloud the images of Saitama and Ricardo Milos. What do you see?

Surely many people are familiar with the situation when you look at the clouds, and they look like people, animals

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The Ministry of Emergency Situations interrupted broadcasting of television channels to warn of strong winds. Viewers are indignant

In the evening of August 8, the Ministry of Emergency Situations sent a warning to all Muscovites that a strong

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Not sure where to spend the time? Catch threads with dogs, elephants and creepy Garfield!

You had free time at work (or the lecture was too boring), but you don’t know what to do with

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Macaulay Culkin showed how the remake of Home Alone looked like. Spoiler – awful!

Disney's intentions to restart the “Home Alone” franchise clearly disturbed the Internet. Macaulay Culkin, who played Kevin McCallister in the

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Shawarma or shawarma ?! Yandex found out what the main dish of street cuisine is called in Russia

Yandex conducted a new study to find out where in Russia they like shawarma more, and where – shawarma. The