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Yandex has tested DPI, the technology of "sovereign RuNet". It was terrible

Today, April 16, the State Duma adopted the law on sovereign runet. Yandex believes that the proposed is unrealizable, and

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Ricardo Milos does not want you to send memes to him with his participation. Because it is illegal

Know Your Meme portal noticed that last week Brazilian stripper Ricardo Milos, who became popular among Internet users, published on

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"Again blackface." Twitch banned streamers for cosplay black character

Karina "Karupups" Marcinkiewicz received 30 days of blocking on Twitch due to the cosplay "Lifeline" from Apex Legends. Karina's cosplay

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In the new memes of the anime "JoJo's incredible adventures" Dio always goes somewhere

Dio from anime "JoJo's incredible adventures" has long become a meme, always appearing when he is not asked, with the

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The best fan trailer of “Final” came out – with dancing Thanos, which will haunt in nightmares

On the YouTube channel Aldo Jones released a reworked trailer for Avengers: Final. Inside – a parody of the "Aladdin",

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The actor who played Ramsey Bolton in the Game of Thrones will come to Comic Con SPB

The organizers of Comic Con Saint Petersburg announced in the VKontakte group that Ivan Reon, known for his roles as

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Is it a donut? Is it Firefox? How the internet responded to the first photo of the black hole

Today, scientists presented the first ever black hole photo. This important event, of course, could not remain without a joke.

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Google Chrome will teach you to load pages faster and save up to 98% of traffic

Eddy Osmani, head of Google Chrome development (Addy Osmani), said that the future browser update will add the maximum traffic

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Internet users can choose a name for the largest unnamed object in the solar system

Astronomers who discovered Plutoid 2007 OR10 asked Internet users to help choose an appropriate name for it by online voting.

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This is not “Interstellar” to you – scientists presented the first ever black hole photo

Astrophysicists for the first time in history presented an image of a black hole. Rather, its visible boundary – the