On April 1, Reddit will close the popular r / Games section. That's why

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On April 1, Reddit will close the popular r / Games section. That's why | Kanobu - Image 1

Reddit closes the r / Games section with 1.7 million subscribers on April 1. Such an announcement appeared on the page moderators section. It also says that this is not an April Fool's joke, because the reasons for such a decision are serious enough.

Such an act moderators decided to raise an important problem – r / Games, in their opinion, has evolved from a platform for discussing games in the "war zone", where users constantly engage in verbal skirmishes. Moderators understand that this is not a problem of reddit alone, but they are trying to do at least something.

This is usually not a problem. Discussion, by its nature, is a medium of controversy. But when a dispute comes to the users' constant toxic attacks on each other, it becomes clear that something needs to be done with this.

Moderators give examples of such behavior – they specially created an album in which they collected comments containing racism, misogony, homophobia, and so on.

We want to show what we encounter every day in an attempt to make the community more friendly and responsive. To stop the spread of intolerance, one should get rid of its beginnings and eventually leave those who are ready to behave respectfully. We must carefully examine our communities to stimulate tolerance and inclusiveness, and create an environment in which sympathy and respect are valued.

At the end, the moderators thanked the users who always wanted to maintain a healthy atmosphere in the Games section. But at the same time attached the addresses of public organizations, which can help anyone.

r / Gaming will return on April 2nd.

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