Moscow 24 called Hideo Kojima a former loser. Fans Furious

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On October 6, Olga Raspopova, editor of the Style section of The City news portal from Moscow 24, released material on Death Stranding game director Hideo Kojima. And very soon this text was criticized on the Internet.

The first thing that caught the eye of the players was the story that supposedly happened in the queue near the entrance to the Garage cinema, where the eminent Japanese developer spoke. The case described by the correspondent seemed network users fictitious. And not without reason: in real life it is difficult to imagine such a dialogue.

A fifty-year-old woman in a red coat with a large plastic bag in her hands busily approaches a large guy with a shock of curly hair in front of me: “What are we doing, young people? What are they giving Che? ”He brushes her off, adjusting his glasses for him, the friend answers:“ Not what, but whom, woman! Hideo Kojima has arrived, the most famous game designer in the world! ”The lady snorts, immediately losing her curiosity and, turning to her friend who is standing at a distance, says:“ Come on, Light, here some blue fashion designer has arrived. In Soviet times, they stood at least for something sensible, behind sausage or boots there. And these are completely crazy. ” With a sigh, women disappear.

The journalist emphasized that there were a lot of people in the hall. Therefore, she did not come up with anything better than to compare the event with a concert by Feiss. Say, the age of the fans is about the same. And their number as a whole coincides.

According to Olga, Hideo Kojima is a champion and a hero who, by personal example, proved that "a laconic loser can become a world star." At the same time, Konami, where the developer began to work in the 80s, in her opinion, was then considered to be a "haven for gamers-losers."

Curiously, on September 21, RBC published material about Kojima, where Konami was also called "a refuge for the outcast, a haven for gamers who are losers." Did Olga get this dubious information from there?

She did not forget to mention Death Stranding, which Kojima is working hard at. As Raspopova notes, such games are more addictive than drugs. And this is the main problem of video games in general – so she believes.

Why come back <в реальный мир>if there is a game in which you feel comfortable? Where do you already love someone, hate? Maybe millennials will be the last generation to catch the buzz from having to get together offline – at concerts, festivals, parties, instead of sitting at the monitor talking with virtual avatars?

In social networks, the material came out with the following words:

Kojima – a genius, is distributed from all the "irons". <…> Why the history of the former loser and introvert is worth knowing to the uninitiated.

And here is how the article reacted in the comments on Twitter “Moscow 24”.

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