Mexican restaurant made a very strange advertisement with dancing Thanos on the background of mouth-watering dishes

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Did you think that weird ads are only in Japan? No matter how! Just the other day, Internet users drew attention to an extremely unusual viral PR movie of a Mexican restaurant called Takesabroso.

The fact is that the authors used a scene from the Avengers: Final in the video, in which Thanos with the words “Yo soy inevitable” (“I myself am inevitable”) tries to erase the Avengers with a click of his fingers, but nothing happens. However, instead of Iron Man, the owner of the establishment appears next, pathetically advertising the restaurant with the phrase “Yo soy Takesabroso”. He clicks and demonstrates the signature dishes against which the Mad Titan dances.

I wonder how Disney will react to this.

As it turned out, Takesabroso has another, just as weird advertisement. For example, in one of the videos, the authors inserted the memorial dance of the stripper Ricardo Milos.

Did you know that Yandex recently conducted research to find out where in Russia they like shawarma more, and where shawarma?

How do you like this ad? Would you drop in a restaurant?

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